Laura Henderson

Bonding With Baby 

Aberdeenshire, Scotland


Infant Massage & Rhythm Kids Courses

by Laura Henderson



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As a sole-trader, I love running my wee local business and take pride in providing a high quality, personal service for parents & babies in & around Aberdeen.  From running Infant Massage & Rhythm Kids courses to supporting local charities; from attending Parenting events to Business events; from Marketing & Advertising to Book Keeping & Accounts and even launching this website - I do it all!  Having my own baby in September 2017, meant I took a little break from 'Bonding With Baby' as I was busy bonding with my own baby!  Since returning in 2018, I've offered courses in the city centre, Cults, Cove, Torphins and Banchory.  UPCOMING COURSES IN 2024 are planned for the SUMMER in BANCHORY, WESTHILL & ABERDEEN'S WEST END.  Further details and dates can be found on 

I am the only person you will be talking with whether you contact me by phone, text, email, social media or meet me at a local event.  I will reply as soon as possible, aiming to answer all enquiries within 7 days & I thank you for your patience. If I am on holiday - you will receive my 'holiday response' when emailing & I will contact you on my return, thank you.