Infant Massage & Rhythm Kids Courses

by Laura Henderson


Laura Henderson

Bonding With Baby 

Aberdeen, Scotland

07426 456810 *Off whilst on Maternity Leave​

As a sole-trader, I love running my wee local business and take pride in providing a high quality, personal service for parents & babies in & around Aberdeen.  From running Infant Massage & Rhythm Kids courses to supporting local charities; from attending Parenting events to Business events; from Marketing & Advertising to Book Keeping & Accounts and even launching this website - I do it all!  As I am having my own baby - I will be taking a break from 'Bonding With Baby' from August 2017 to 2018, however, I will continue to update my Social Media pages and am able to provide alternative IAIM Certified Infant Massage Instructors for you to contact, whilst I am off on Maternity Leave, so please still get in touch by EMAIL or SOCIAL MEDIA.  

When I am running courses - I am the only person you will be talking with whether you contact me by phone, text, email, social media or meet me at a local event.  I will reply as soon as possible, aiming to answer all enquiries within 3 days & I thank you for your patience. If I am on holiday - you will receive my 'holiday response' when emailing & I will contact you on my return, thank you.