For years, I have been enthused in my work with children and their families. I have always had a passion for nurturing children, respecting their individuality and supporting them to achieve their full potential - it is too important not to - they are the future of our world!

I qualified as a Nursery Nurse in 2002 - with an eagerness to gain a range of experience, in childcare & education, to develop my understanding of children of all ages.  In my varied childcare roles, I supported children from birth to teens, working in various settings, including the family home; mainstream & Additional Support Needs Nurseries, Schools & After-school Clubs; Holiday Fun & Sport Clubs; Pre-school parent & child groups; Youth Clubs; Family Support Centres and I even got to travel the world - doing a job I loved - as a Children's Entertainer on the Cruise Ships!

After returning from my travels, I spent almost a decade supporting local vulnerable & disadvantaged families, working alongside Social Workers and Health Visitors, creating supportive care packages for these families and, as part of my role, I became a Certified Infant Massage Instructor in 2007 and a Rhythm Kids Teacher in 2008.  In 2011, I worked for a charity affected by funding cuts, when I had my working hours reduced but believing so much in the IAIM Infant Massage & Touch Learn's Rhythm Kids programmes and what they could offer all parents and babies - I embraced the change and set up 'Bonding With Baby' running 2 courses, 1 day per week.  By 2013 my courses were in demand and with the support of my husband, alongside the positive feedback and encouragement from parent attendees, I decided to leave my job behind to focus solely on 'Bonding With Baby'.

About Laura Henderson....

*TO ALL WHO HAVE ATTENDED MY BONDING WITH BABY COURSES - I could not run 'Bonding With Baby' without your local support - whether it be through social media or word of mouth - parents continue to talk about and recommend 'Bonding With Baby' so I wish to thank you all very much.

*FOR HELPING ME WIN AWARDS - I appreciate life is busy with little ones around, so thank you for those who take time to nominate and vote 'Bonding With Baby' for Awards - it really means so much to me as it is what parents & babies think about my courses that really matter!

*I also wish to thank parents who granted permission for photography to be used during classes for use on my website & social media sites.

*To 'Vivienne Elizabeth Photography' who attended my classes and has provided me with beautifully, natural photos to illustrate my business.

Running 'Bonding With Baby' - I have had an amazing journey through the past 8 years... starting with 2 courses and growing to 12 courses through the week, venturing across the Aberdeen city & Shire so that I could take my 'Bonding With Baby' Infant Massage & Rhythm Kids courses to parents near where they live.  I have attended many fantastic fundraising events and am amazed that over 3,000 parents and babies have now completed courses! 

I was fortunate to give birth to my own wee boy, Zack, in September 2017 and, after my Maternity Leave, I have continued to offer courses in Aberdeen and in 2020 added Torphins, near Banchory, to my venues.  I have also helped to try and encourage and support families to normalise breastfeeding in public by holding the 'Big Latch On' Picnics in 2018 and 2019 at the Duthie Park, as well as being a long-standing volunteer for Aberdeen's NCT Branch. 

I'm providing a service that I believe is beneficial for all parents with babies and running a business I love - whilst supporting local charities and good causes!  Although Aberdeen is a big city - I have been fortunate to have crossed paths again with parents who previously attended my 'Bonding With Baby' courses and I have loved hearing how many of you have continued to use the skills learnt on my courses with your growing baby or child and are still in contact with many of the parents you met on the course.... as well as having the privilege of seeing many of you attend again with your next little one!!

Infant Massage & Rhythm Kids Courses

by Laura Henderson